The Practice

Maintaining a healthy and well-aligned spine is an important part of staying healthy here at Canal Walk Chiropractic Clinic, we strive to provide excellence in chiropractic care by means of continuing education, commitment to best practice methodologies, standards of care, and outcome measures.

Our approach provides reliable and holistic treatment for many ailments, all under the direct attention of Dr. Zhakir Ali Mowzer. Having served the Century City and surrounding areas for over a decade, Cape Town's “best chiropractic doctor” is specially trained to diagnose distress in your nervous system, and provide chiropractic treatment to all of Cape Town's patients, allowing your body to heal naturally.

Dr. Zhakir Ali Mowzer

I graduated from the Durban University of Technology (KZN) and I have been in private practice for over a decade. My predominant area of interest is in general family practice especially colicky babies and I have worked with professional athletes at various professional events at various levels. My focus lies in natural health, acupuncture, sports injuries, ergonomics and overall wellness. In my spare time I am involved with various community based projects because I believe we should give back to our communities and assist where wherever can.

Aside from practice, I guest lectured at the School of Natural Medicine (University of the Western Cape) and I have supervised Naturopathy students on their clinical approach to patients. I have a strong inclination towards teaching and I believe in striving for continuous development, both personally and professionally. I have done some consultation work for Men’s Health magazine on ergonomics and I was invited onto various television interviews to speak of my work, one of which was Expresso with Dr. Michael Mol to discuss the importance of physical balance and recovery after injuries. Furthermore, I have given talks at the medical associations, wellness days arranged by Discovery Health, the Society of Radiographers of South Africa and the Department of Dentistry (UWC) on the importance of maintaining a healthy spine and posture.

  • Member of CASA (Chiropractic Association of South Africa) - Member number: MMOW0001
  • AHPCSA (Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa) – Member number: A06447
  • BHF (Board of Healthcare Funders) - Member number: 0169358

Meet the Team

Dr Mowzer graduated from the Durban University of Technology (KZN) and I have been in private practice for over a decade.

Dr. Zhakir Mowzer

She has been the practice manager for over a decade and the “backbone” of the practice. She enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with family and friends.

Candice Boonzaaier

She has been an invaluable member of our team. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, playing Xbox and walks on the beach.

Robyn Aston